Mother’s Day A Time of Grief for Parents and Children

  Its spring, winter is now a memory, buds appear on the branches of trees and Mothers Day is just around the corner with Fathers Day close behind.  Some are planning a special brunch and searching for just the right card to bestow honor and love upon their parent.  Mothers know it is their day […]

Valentine Grief – Healing Through A Gift of Love

I have a treasure box of odd things saved over the years.  Contents include a broken crystal, a once brilliant but now faded blue feather, a simple penned drawing inserted into the margin of an old newspaper.  Each has a wonderful story that propels me into a special place of soothing reflection.  A place where […]

Grief in Autumn – Alone and Missing You

Change and holidays are catalysts that propel the roller coaster of grief, turning calm days into sleepless nights and reopening wounds that have just begun to heal.
Emotional triggers include Halloween with its festive and fun spirit evoking memories of early childhood, wide-eyed and innocent, exploring and participating in a world of make believe. I can be a pirate, or a princess or Dorothy of Kansas. Now I know the world includes grief and

Grief and the Holidays After a Substance Related Passing

It’s here, the holiday season has arrived.  For many of us its significance is only overshadowed by the birthday or “death date” of our loved one. It is a time of increased anxiety and a painful longing for times past when our friends and family were healthy, and able to come together for celebration.   Few […]

Grief on Father’s Day

Its Father’s Day, the cards have been picked over at my favorite bookstore and there are lots of funny stories about ugly ties on Sunday morning news shows.  If your father is deceased or otherwise absent this day can be difficult.  Depending on your particular situation the day may be filled with a variety of emotions ranging from […]

Compassion Project: end of life care in an animal shelter

I recently read an article about a group of volunteers who spent the evening with dogs that were going to be euthanized the next day.  They wanted to ensure that these animals felt loved and special before they died.  I was very touched by the humanity of these volunteers.  I wondered how I would do […]

What Is Grief and When Does It Begin

Grief is one of those emotions we will not truly understand until it happens to us.  Recently a friend was quietly watching her dog with great intent.  Curious I asked what she was thinking and she shared that her wonderful dog was getting old and had begun to limp.  This winter would probably be her last and my […]

Stages of Grief How Long Does It Last

I am often asked, “how long does the grief last, will I ever get better, “?  The pain and sadness which accompanies the loss of a loved one is so uncomfortable everyone wants to know when it will stop.  The answer to this question has many variables.  How a loved one died, when they died, how they were related […]

Relationships Do Not End, They Change Form

Losing A Friend Years ago a very close friend, Ron, visited my mountain home in Big Bear California.  I had known Ron for many years.  As our lives changed and unfolded we managed to stay close and continue our special friendship.  We would spend hours reflecting on life and supporting one another through various twists […]

10 Tips for Surviving the Holidays After the Death of a Loved One

The Holidays are stressful: There are presents to be purchased, crowded stores, extra traffic, financial burdens and social obligations.  If a person has experienced the death of a loved one this seasonal stress is greatly magnified. Death brings about many changes that will affect the holidays.  Perhaps your loved one always carved the turkey or prepared a […]