Grief in Autumn – Alone and Missing You

Change and holidays are catalysts that propel the roller coaster of grief, turning calm days into sleepless nights and reopening wounds that have just begun to heal. Emotional triggers include Halloween with its festive and fun spirit evoking memories of early childhood, wide-eyed and innocent, exploring and participating in a world of make believe. I can be a pirate, or a princess or Dorothy of Kansas. Now I know the world includes grief and

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Stages of Grief How Long Does It Last

I am often asked, “how long does the grief last, will I ever get better, “?  The pain and sadness which accompanies the loss of a loved one is so uncomfortable everyone wants to know when it will stop.  The answer to this question has many variables.  How a loved one died, when they died, how they were related to us and our own style of coping are just a few of the variables that will influence the grieving process. (more…)

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